About the Association

General Background

The Israeli LiverTransplantees' Association was faunded by a few volunteers and their families, and legally registered in April 1995. (Reg number 1-627-023-58).

Being a non-revenue association, the ILTA is totally based on volunteers who participate in the following activities:

  • Link between different people who are "in the same boat", and offer them an understanding, supporting environment of other people who share similar problems.
  • Support and encourage transplant candidates and transplant recipients.
  • Promote the rights of transplant recipients with the different establishments and organisations, and assist ILTA members in getting their legitimate rights from these organisations.
  • Provide members with information relating to transplantation and post transplantation issues.
  • Initiate activities to increase public awareness of organ donations.
  • Act for including new medicaments in the national health list of medicaments(The "Health Basket").
  • Organise congresses, sporting events, and similar activities for members.
  • Maintain relationships with similar organisations in Israel and worldwide.
  • Encourage and promote transplantation-related scientific research .

The ILTA is currently not supported by governmental funds.
The financial sources are: membership fees and occasional contributions for funding special events.

Your contribution is important and helps us in achieving the association's goals.

Liver Transplantees' Association (Tax exempted)Account number 174428
Branch 776 Bank Hapoalim

Membership in the Association

Membership in the Association is open for individuals with liver problems, liver transplant candidates, liver transplant recipients, and any interested party, provided that the membership form has been filled and submitted and that membership fees have been paid.

Members will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Membership ID of the umbrella organisation of the disabled.
  • The right to receive the associations' magazine "MEHAKAVED EL HAKAL"
  • Engagement in the association's activities.
  • First-level legal advice
  • Consultation regarding your rights in the National Insurance Institution.
  • Individual assistance approaching different governmental organisations.
  • The right to vote and to be elected to one of the association's establishments.